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Drug bust at Boston restaurant leads to five arrests

Published On: 05-01-2017 in Category: addiction, drug trafficking, opioid addiction

Boston police recently arrested five people after a drug bust at a restaurant in Charlestown neighborhood of the city. During the raid, investigating officers managed to confiscate 1.5 kilograms of fentanyl, 29 plastic bags of cocaine and 10 bags of heroin, besides $7,144 in U.S. currency.

Rafael Pimental, Juan Guerrero-Torres, Matea Sanchez, Rosselys Pimental-Melo and Ada Mejia-Mejia, all from Charlestown, were arrested from D’Rafa Restaurant on Bunker Hill Street on charges of involvement in drug trafficking. Following the raid and subsequent arrests, the restaurant pulled down its shutters on grounds of possible health hazards.

Drug menace across Massachusetts

Addiction to drugs in Massachusetts has primarily revolved around heroin abuse. Even today, emergency rooms across the state witness four times the number of overdoses involving heroin when compared to the rest of the country. For instance, in the past, several neighborhoods such as Charlestown became infamous for groundbreaking number of severe overdoses leading to fatalities.

Although heroin addiction is rampant all over the state, several regions are also struggling with prescription drug abuse. Most of the controlled prescription drugs widely abused are Percocet, OxyContin, Lortab, Vicodin, codeine, methadone and morphine. Trends show that those addicted to prescription painkillers often switch to heroin due to economic reasons, as heroin is a street cousin of opioids available at a much lesser cost. In the state, heroin abuse is no longer confined to urban areas, instead, it is widely prevalent in rural communities, wreaking havoc among young adults and teenagers.

Most of the heroin heading to Boston originates from South America, involving an intricate network of drug traffickers from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Jamaica. In fact, studies suggest that cities in Massachusetts with significant ethnic population such as Lowell, Lawrence, Roxbury, Fall River, Lynn and Springfield have become focal points for drug distribution activities. At the retail level, drugs are sold by criminal gangs or motorcycle gangs in different neighborhoods.

Also, crack cocaine happens to be the primary drug of abuse in the inner-city neighborhoods of the Boston area, owing to large-scale distribution activities carried out by African American and Hispanic criminal groups and street gangs from all over Massachusetts. Besides, marijuana is another widely abused substance in the region, with most making high-potency marijuana smuggled from Canada, a preferred drug over its Mexican counterpart.

The New England HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) was designated in 1999 to reduce drug trafficking-related activities in the region, which covers 13 counties in the six New England states. Notably, nine of the 13 counties are located in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Battling addiction menace

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