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Springfield police seize 23,000 bags of heroin in drug bust

Published On: 12-27-2017 in Category: drug trafficking

Springfield police seize 23,000 bags of heroin in drug bust

The Springfield Police Department Strategic Impact Unit recently arrested two persons and seized over 23,000 bags of heroin and nearly $13,000 cash from a residence at 162 Gresham Street. After the search carried out on Dec. 13, 2017, investigating officers also confiscated marijuana and other drug paraphernalia from the spot.

According to authorities, 46-year-old Javier Torres and 23-year-old Brian Santiago were arrested on charges of heroin distribution and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Further, Santiago has also been charged with possession of ammunition without a firearms identification (FID) card. “This was a large scale heroin distribution operation responsible for bringing thousands of bags of heroin into the Springfield area,” said Captain Brian Keenan, who led the Strategic Impact Unit.

Senior authorities said that the huge drug seizure undoubtedly saved several lives and made the city safer. In fact, in the state of Massachusetts, heroin abuse is no longer restricted to urban regions. Now, it is rampant in rural communities, wreaking havoc on teens and young adults, leading to heroin-related overdose deaths. Shockingly, emergency rooms in hospitals statewide see four times more overdose cases involving heroin compared to the rest of the nation. In the past years, numerous neighborhoods such as Charlestown, a small district in northern Boston, earned the ill-repute of being an overdose hotspot.

Heroin menace across Massachusetts

In the light of the opioid crisis ravaging the nation, several regions across Massachusetts are also battling prescription drug abuse involving OxyContin, codeine, Lortab, Percocet, Vicodin, morphine and methadone. Trends show that those hooked on prescription painkillers often switch to heroin as it is a street cousin of opioids that is not expensive. In fact, heroin is an opioid drug synthesized from morphine. The drug, which can be snorted, injected or smoked, is highly addictive and enters the brain very quickly.

Most of heroin consignments heading to different cities statewide originate from South America, via a complicated network of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Guatemalan, Honduran, Dominican, Colombian and Jamaican drug traffickers. Research suggests cities in Massachusetts with notable ethnic populations, such as Lawrence, Lowell, Roxbury, Lynn, Fall River and Springfield, have become significant narcotic dealing and distribution centers of the state. At the retail level, the drugs are distributed by criminal gangs in different neighborhoods.

Almost all law enforcement agencies across the state are equipped with naloxone, a drug sold in the market under the brand name Narcan, which reverses the deadly effects of a heroin overdose. Several reports show that authorities have already prevented several hundreds of tragedies throughout the state because of timely Narcan injections in 2016 alone.

Battling menace of addiction

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