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Drug rehabilitation: Consider suitability before zeroing in on treatment program

Published On: 12-28-2015 in Category: recovery, Rehab, Therapy, Treatment

drug rehabilitation

Before embarking on a hunt for the correct drug rehabilitation program, it is important to understand the kind of treatment program that would best suit a person and this factor should be kept in mind before zeroing in on a rehab facility, say experts.

The programs customized to treat various forms of dependencies on psychotropic substances help patients to understand the factors that triggered drug abuse and the means to get rid of addiction and maintain long-term sobriety.

First step against drug enslavement

Finding the right rehabilitation center is the first step in the de-addiction process and the drug abuse treatment varies according to the degree and nature of the problem faced by the victim. The kind of substance abused, duration of addiction and sources of drugs are some of the factors to be considered. The problem of addiction is usually long-standing and hence effective treatment programs aim at helping the patient to stop using drugs, maintaining long-term sobriety and aiding in leading a productive lifestyle, say experts.

Many people face the problem of choosing the right treatment programs for their affected wards and friends. It is necessary to know about the requirements to be considered while deciding about rehabilitation centers or the kind of treatment programs needed. In most cases, inability to get admitted to the right kind of rehabilitation program makes people bang their heads against the invisible walls of addiction despite paths of recovery being available.

Know what to ask

While searching for a proper treatment program, one must consider the following points:

1. Does the rehab facility ensure treatment programs backed by scientific evidence?

Therapies based on extensive and detailed research are more likely to be effective and may include effective treatment approaches like behavioral therapy, medications or a combination of both.

2.Does the facility have certified addiction counselors along with mental health professionals?

Counseling in therapy holds the same extent of importance as medication. As addicts are at a high risk of relapse even after being cured, proper and regular counseling by certified and experienced counselors are necessary to keep them off the substance habit. Also, it is necessary to make sure if the treatment program is accredited by the state it is in.

3. Is the program treatment customized to meet the differing needs of each patient?

Treatment varies from patient to patient in accordance with the nature of the abuse. Though the approach to treatment is in accordance with the severity of addiction and prior efforts to curb drug usage, the nature of treatment must also match the person’s problems associated with addiction and the tendency to relapse.

4. Is the treatment program adaptable to the needs of the patient?

To what extent is the treatment facility adaptive depends on its capacity to change and the combination of therapies and medication it subscribes to meet its patient’s needs. The treatment facility must also be able to organize group therapies, associated medical services, job training apart from social and legal services.

5. Can the treatment program deal with dual diagnosis experience?

It is impossible to know what comes first – drug addiction or mental illness. Both are either precursors or subsequent to each other. In such cases, rehab programs that can deal with cases of dual diagnosis are necessary, as chances of relapse are greater without the proper treatment of both the disorders.

6. Determination of duration of treatment.

The duration of treatment is proportional to a person’s needs and problems with drug abuse. For those suffering from chronic nature of addiction, the chances of relapse are more and hence a longer duration of treatment is necessary. Though the minimum duration of drug abuse treatment is three months as per some researches, treatment programs determine duration in accordance with the progress showed by the patient.

First step to recovery

It is necessary to understand the nature of addiction before commencing the de-addiction process. Sobriety does seem like a distant goal to the abused, but recovery is never impossible. It requires a great deal of commitment and motivation along with support to recover from drug dependency. If you or your loved one is looking for a specialized drug rehabilitation facility, you may call the Boston Drug Treatment Recovery Center helpline at 857-254-1818 for experienced and certified intervention and help.

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