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Workout program for recovering addicts

Published On: 10-08-2015 in Category: recovery, Rehab, Self-care, Therapy, Treatment


People who battle addiction and graduate from a rehab program, deal with an awkward transition back into society. Sure, support groups help mitigate the self-conscious descent and sometimes rocky landing back into everyday life; but healthy hobbies may offer a cathartic venue. While the routine of rehab formerly filled each wakeful hour, now recovering individuals are finding activities like exercise fill the void of socializing and getting a relief, of sorts, where addiction used to.

A gym is building a community for recovering addicts to work out and thrive with support from others who have gone through similar battles with addiction.

Workout in a network of support

The Phoenix Multisport Sober Activity Community strives to give recovering addicts a supportive atmosphere and a chance at sticking to a sober lifestyle. One of the locations for Phoenix Multisport is in South Boston, Massachusetts. Scott Strode is the founder and executive director of Phoenix Multisport, spreading a program of support for those recovering from addiction.

The company website, states the mission is, “To foster a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse and for those who choose to live a sober life.” It is not easy to fall into a life of addiction, in which a substance dictates every action and choice for the individual; ruining one’s life. To keep this supportive community active, Strode has organized a series of activities, including:

1.Climbing and hiking

2.Running and swimming

3.Road and mountain biking

4.Community service

These are only a few of the activities the program offers to members. People who are in recovery from addiction may also have community service hour requirements which Phoenix Multisport accommodates. The gym explains on their website that it, “Benefit[s] from this relationship [with the community] by having these individuals fulfill their obligations in ways that help to re-enforce a strong sober community.”

Exercise in recovery

Exercise for people, addiction or not, can have health benefits. However, exercise for the recovering addict can hold more benefits than people may realize. The website, drugabuse.org, finds that exercise addresses, “Psychosocial and physiological needs that nicotine replacement alone does not, by reducing negative feelings and stress, and by helping prevent weight gain following cessation.”

For many, exercise can be an excellent addition toward recovery, helping the recovering addict avoid replacing one addiction for another. Phoenix Multisport is a good example at how to build a support network, continuing down the road to recovery and a sober life one step at a time.

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