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  • America‚Äôs unwanted tryst with drugs

    By: Admin On: 01-21-2016 Category: addiction, Drug abuse, Rehab Comment: 0

    The entire United States of America is at a war with drugs and its impact on households is well-known. However, a recent news report about some residents allegedly conducting drug deals inside a shelter for homeless veterans battling addiction in downtown Boston is even more disturbing. According to the report that appeared on Bostonglobe.com in […]

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  • Drug rehabilitation: Consider suitability before zeroing in on treatment program

    By: Admin On: 12-28-2015 Category: recovery, Rehab, Therapy, Treatment Comment: 0

    Before embarking on a hunt for the correct drug rehabilitation program, it is important to understand the kind of treatment program that would best suit a person and this factor should be kept in mind before zeroing in on a rehab facility, say experts. The programs customized to treat various forms of dependencies on psychotropic […]

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  • Jump, run, thrive: How sports can be therapeutic

    By: Staff Writer On: 10-22-2015 Category: recovery, Rehab, Therapy, Treatment Comment: 0


    Growing up, most children have fond memories of being on a sports team as a child or teenager. Some continue and make the sport a profession, others pass on to something else. Regardless, being on a sports team can bring children together in neighborhoods who have never been given the opportunity to join a team. […]

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  • Workout program for recovering addicts

    By: Staff Writer On: 10-08-2015 Category: recovery, Rehab, Self-care, Therapy, Treatment Comment: 0


    People who battle addiction and graduate from a rehab program, deal with an awkward transition back into society. Sure, support groups help mitigate the self-conscious descent and sometimes rocky landing back into everyday life; but healthy hobbies may offer a cathartic venue. While the routine of rehab formerly filled each wakeful hour, now recovering individuals […]

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